When five Supreme Court justices overturned Roe vs. Wade, they didn’t ban abortion, but they made a lot of people angry. If you’re one of them, read this; you may change your mind.
The world may be divided about politics, religion, science, sovereignty, etc., but there is a universal unifier: children.
The battlefield is our minds. The price future generations will pay for not fighting back now is unthinkable.
We must all band together and crush every last Russian like a bug. Ukraine is a country led by law-abiding, altruistic and caring people. Or are they?
While we’re all being purposely distracted by the MSM and the Biden regime with saber rattling in Ukraine and the ever-changing Covid narrative, Special…
Horns and bouncy castles: the ‘insurrection’ weapons of the Freedom Truckers.
The Department of Homeland Security says if you voice your disagreement with this administration, you’re a terrorist.
Communists find it unacceptable to see perspectives that differ from theirs. Therefore, they censor. Here’s info from the Twittersphere you won’t hear…
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